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My practice takes place in different outdoor realities. If I should find a connection between all these experiences, I have to refer and redirect my efforts towards the meaning of Animism.


The existence of energies, which are enclosed into materials and a parallel language that can take place once it is allowed to exist.This commitment is given by the artist, who knows the alchemy to transform the substance into another substance by changing rules.


The power that objects have in terms of what they can hide inside -the force that is generated by the beliefs of beings, history, social, political or religious aspects- contains invisible energies which are unconsciously called to participate to the visible side. On this purpose, the art production, in terms of materiality plays a big role, and silently develops the IMA, The Invisible Museum of Art.


My art conception is based on hypothesis such The Invisible Message of Water from the scientist Masaru Emoto or the Morphic Resonance from the parapsychologist Alfred Rupert Sheldrake, and Theory of Inner Images by the neuroscientist Gerald Hüther, together with quantum physic studies applied to different fields, from the intuitive knowledge to oriental practices.


Working on these bases, it is possible to change the perspective of seeing, in a continuos change of scale and variation of proportions. From a Macro to a Micro, like The Powers of Ten made by the office of Charles and Ray Eames, the invisible is something is contained onto relative size of things.


This is what I want to emphasize with my work.



Vienna, 19 March 2019
Francesca Aldegani
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